Our Story

We’re Liam Arthur and Jackie Bannon.

We’re two people who value embracing challenge, exploring meaning, creating experiences, and sharing the journey with each other and the people who surround us. We strive to live slowly and fully, with sunset beers. We met in Ethiopia where we gathered for morning coffee ceremonies and nightly campfires with a vibrant community who celebrated our collective humanity. The experience solidified our individual pursuits of connection, and we were gifted a tool to propel us forward: cheese.

With cheesemaking experience already under his belt, Liam was connected to an Ethiopian entrepreneur who wanted to introduce cheese to the Ethiopian dairy market. An ardent cheese lover herself, Jackie couldn’t resist the idea. The real draw was the opportunity to build a thriving community around the project. We were intrigued by the economic and social developmental potential of the project. It reminded us of that energetic and purposeful, full and alive feeling that surrounded us in Ethiopia. By expanding opportunities and creating connections, we hope we can pass this sense of rich aliveness forward.

It’s more than just a couple of kids wanting to make cheese. We’re constantly learning and growing from the people surrounding us. It’s Liam and the sheep and a Minnesotan shepherd who sings his way around the farm. Jackie and the cheese babies and a cheesemaker-mentor who dances in her hairnet. A crew in Ethiopia moving in parallel. Crowds of people scattered across many countries, near and far, supporting us.

That’s the thing about communities- they’re vast and wide, incomprehensibly so. We’re committed to cheese because we see its potential to continue expanding these community-driven connections. Connection between people, cultures, ideas, places, and opportunities. So for now, we’re spreadin’ cheese.

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