Our Fundraiser

Let us feed ya.

To start our cheese production and to support basic living costs in Ethiopia, we have a goal to raise $50,000. As of July 1st, we are half way to reaching our fundraising goals. Thank you.

We’re using food to reach our goals. Of course. It’s a love language of sorts.

We value the way food brings people together and have always found meaningful connection from sitting at different people’s tables. We want to share some of this joy with you.

Liam has been cooking and experimenting with food since he was 6-years-old. He then trained as a chef in Australia at a Japanese fine dining restaurant, and continued to explore through his travels in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Africa.

I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve exclaimed, “YOU CREATE BEAUTIFUL THINGS” to Liam because he really does. Time and time again. And I have yet to see him use a recipe. You gotta taste the beauty he creates.

PS: Thanks, KTTC, for sharing the word about our fundraising. Check out our feature here.


Pick-up meals: We offer take-home meals that require simple prep (like reheating) that can be picked up at Fiddlehead Coffee in Miracle Mile on select Wednesdays (dates below) from 1-6pm. We charge a minimum donation of $20/meal , though we suggest a $40/meal donation so that we can meet our goals in Ethiopia. Sign-up here.

Pick-up meal dates:

  • April 7th: trial dinner (menu)
  • May 12th: a Georgian feast (menu)
  • June 2nd: an Ethiopian meal (menu) (newsletter)
  • June 23rd: A Malaysian / New Zealand inspired meal (menu)
  • July 14th: an Indian & Italian feast (menu) (newsletter)
  • August 4th: Middle Eastern smorgasbord (menu)

Dine-in meals: We can serve you in person (!!) at Fiddlehead downtown Rochester across from the government center on select Fridays (dates below). Tickets are $60/person, and all proceeds go directly towards our project in Ethiopia.

Dine-in meals dates:

If you would like to support our project by simply making a donation, feel free to donate via Venmo @Jackie-Bannon-3 Paypal to bannon.jackie22@gmail.com or visit our GoFundMe page. Thank you.

Cover photos by Tiffany @ Choochoo-ca-chew.

* * *


Due to civil unrest in Ethiopia, this project has been discontinued. Thank you to the every one who supported us, in all the ways. We will continue to pass your encouragement forward and to hold onto hope. All fundraising contributions have been donated to a clinic in South Sudan that’s serving Ethiopian refugees and to the Mulu fund in Ethiopia, for sustainable economic development.

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